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  The CBT'ers Club

Being a psychotherapist, counsellor, coach, psychologist or practitioner - especially when in private or independent practice - can often be a lonely and isolating place. You don't see other practitioners often, you might not have anyone to discuss ideas or experiences with (except in supervision) and you might wish to connect or network and discuss work-related ideas, experiences and information with other people. It can be isolating working in private or independent practice, can't it?

Well, it doesn't have to be like that. Following on from our own experiences as CBT psychotherapists and psychology practitioners, The CBT’ers Club was set up in late 2013 by Alexandra O'Brien, initially as a peer support and mentoring group. We all  know what it's like to feel isolated and distanced from other practitioners.

Since setting up, we have discovered that meeting up, networking and interacting with other individuals with an interest in CBT has been invaluable. It has not only helped our own practice with clients, but has really helped decrease the feeling of isolation and loneliness that often comes with being an independent practitioner. This is something all of our Registered Members have reported on since becoming Members - they really value their The CBT’ers Club Membership.

Meetings and gatherings  have been very successful. We not only get to discuss the 'serious' matters of work, CBT practice, client work, CPD etc: we also make new friends, share ideas and experiences, interact with other people, decrease isolation and, best of all, have a laugh and some fun at meetings and gatherings too! That's really important!

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